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Andolini Capital is an investment advisory firm founded in 2011 specializing in global multi-asset class investment strategies with principal operations in New York, NY. Andolini Capital, founded in nyc by its partners, and serves clients worldwide with primary assets in Wine and Art for investment and collection management.

We believe this investment can be profitable in short and long-term and provide diversification from more typical investments such as stocks and bonds. Rare Wines and Art are generally unaffected by movements in the equity markets, therefore it helps reduce risks. When chosen and managed correctly, these alternative-class assets are much less volatile and provide a tangible asset for investors and collectors.

We differ from most wine and art "funds" in the sense that our clients maintain full ownership and autonomy of their assets at all times. Our success is driven by our core investment philosophy formulated by our investment advisory board. With decades of experience our analytical approach allows us to distinguish value from speculative investments. We do not hold any stock or have investments in any galleries. We work for our clients.

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